The Rise Of The Gravel Bike

There is no questions that gravel biking is starting to become very popular with mountain bikers and other cyclists. With plenty of new bikes and products hitting the market in the last year these bike have become very capable exploring machines. The big difference for me was being able to run a wider tire with new designed components adding to a more enjoyable ride. Components such as wider handle bars to smooth and quite drivetrains like Shimano GRX have made a world of difference in my experiences of what type of terrain the bike can handle.

Gravel riding is like the more exciting and social version of road biking taking you to plenty of amazing places and destinations that you probably wouldn’t think to ride to on any other bike. Recently I had the pleasure of showing around two amazing young riders Carter Nieuwesteeg and Chris Hatton some of Squamish’s finest local gravel riding. Check out the photos below!

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